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How Can You Extend an Electric Vehicle’s Range?

Regardless of the fact that almost all electric PCO cars can travel more than 200 miles on a single charge, the well-known range anxiety remains a constant problem among electric car drivers. Despite the convenience of electric vehicles, it can be nervous for an EV owner to drive with one eye on the battery’s state of charge and the other on the road.

1-Keep the battery in excellent condition.

Your electric PCO car’s battery will deteriorate and lose energy through time and use, reducing the recommended driving range for each charge. For the first four years, an electric car battery maintains more than 75 % of its total energy charge. The average speed at which an electric PCO car battery decreases, on the other hand, is directly related to how well it is maintained and utilised.

It has been revealed that an electric car battery that is placed outside in intense temperatures degrades more quickly than one that is well-maintained and stored inside a garage. The majority of the damage is determined by the model of your electric PCO car.

2-Develop a More Efficient Route

Are you planning a family trip? When driving an electric car, it is not just about how long you want to go, but also about the route you choose. The more time you spend driving on expressways and motorways, the more energy your electric car will consume, and thus the faster your predicted electric – vehicle driving range will decrease.

On the other hand, if you arrange ahead of schedule, your electric car will travel a greater distance while consuming less energy. Most electric vehicles now include a designed touchscreen navigation system that will guide you to your location through the most charge-efficient path.

3-Prepare Your Electric Vehicle

One of the most impressive aspects of having a completely electric vehicle is the ability to preprogram your electric PCO vehicle. Instead of utilising the warmth or air conditioner while driving, you may control the heating or cooling system of your electric car from the comfort of your armchair.

As a consequence, the next time your electric PCO car is hooked into the charger, switch on the air conditioner or heater (whatever you want) so that the only thing your EV needs to use while driving is to keep the temperature. Fixation your electric vehicle before each journey will result in decreased energy consumption, increasing the number of kilometres your EV can travel on a single charging process.

4-Increase Regenerative Brakes

When you apply the brakes on an electric PCO vehicle, the regenerative brakes convert the kinetic energy into energy that can be stored until it is needed again. While it is not a large quantity of energy saved, it increases the driving range of your electric vehicle and avoids the traditional friction brakes from being activated. In other words, regenerative braking allows you to make a stronger braking effect and adjust the generator’s resistance by releasing energy that is transferred back into the batteries of the electric PCO vehicle.

When driving an electric PCO vehicle within the city, however, it is recommended that you set a greater regeneration level. As a result, rather than simply relying on your electric vehicle’s brakes, makes the most of the regenerative braking.

5-Always Be Ready

Because mass is the enemy of efficiency, make sure your electric PCO vehicle is as light as feasible. This does not require that you eliminate the seats or remove the spare tyre; it just means that the trunk of your electric vehicle is not cluttered. Remove the bike carriers and roof racks if not in use. Keep an eye on your tyre pressure because the lower the pressure, the more energy your electric PCO vehicle will need to drive around downtown.

6-Add-On Charging

Regardless of where you’ve been going, make sure there are electric car charging stations along the way. This will assist you in keeping up with the charge and prevent fully emptying the battery of your electric PCO vehicle. Battery charge is another factor that influences battery capacity. Keep in mind that the longer an electric car is charged at or around maximum capacity, the more dangerous the battery becomes. As a consequence, by scheduling your electric car’s charge—that is, recharging it no more than 80 % and disconnecting it as soon as it reaches the 20 % mark—you will be able to extend the life of your EV’s battery.

7-Drive Consistently

Would you like to maximise the energy efficiency of your electric PCO vehicle? Choosing the least difficult path usually pays off. As a result, your driving range will instantly expand since your electric car would not use extra energy for fast acceleration or sudden braking. However, when driving within the city, remember to keep your electric PCO car at slow speeds to save energy in the long term.

Electric vehicles have advanced at a dizzying speed in recent years. Because of the improvement of lithium-ion batteries, electrically powered vehicles may now travel long distances on a single charge. According to the most recent updates, electric vehicles with a range of 500 miles or more are expected to hit the market shortly.

However, now that you know how to increase your electric vehicle mileage, use the above tips and strategies to get through your electric PCO car’s battery. Looking for an electric PCO vehicle in the UK? Contact Arrow Car Hire if you want to rent the greatest and most efficient electric cars in the UK!

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