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PCO Training – Become a Minicab Driver in London – Topographical Test

Many people who live in and around London choose to make a living by driving. The earning level is high, and London’s busy 24/7 activeness ensures that there is enough work for minicab drivers all around clock.

As a result, it’s no surprise that being a minicab driver in London is a popular way to either start a full-time job or enhance one’s income by working part-time.

How to Be a Private Hire Minicab Driver in London

In London, there are two kinds of taxi/minicab services. The first is a black taxi licence, while the second is a Private Hire Minicab Licence. The distinction is that black cab drivers must complete their knowledge and memorise a region of London before they may be called and pick up clients from any place. The second sort, which is the most common and the one we will be addressing, is the Private Hire Minicab Licence, which allows you to work but needs you to collaborate with a licenced operator who might find your work.

To begin, anyone interested in becoming a private hire minicab driver in London must be at least 21 years old and have held a full UK or EEA driving licence for at least three years.

TfL is the licensing agency for the private hire vehicle licence, hence all new drivers must start by applying for their PHV (Private Hire Vehicle) Licence on their website – once registered, you can choose to have your Private Hire Licence application bundle mailed to you. The product should arrive within 10 working days.

While you are waiting for the application, you can do the following.

Topographical Skills Test for PCO Training

A Topographical Skills Assessment is required as part of the PCO/PHV Licence application procedure. Find a reputable topographical skills centre and then schedule a time and date for your PCO Training and Contour maps Skills Assessment. This is a basic obligatory test that measures your map-reading abilities, route planning ability, and a general understanding of London’s roads and counties.

Finish your upgraded DBS CRB Check.

You must be able to produce your updated DBS CRB certificate to verify your strong qualities. This is owing to the fact that you’ll be interacting with the general population as a taxi driver. These checks can be conducted at the post office or online. If you are having trouble completing this, most topographical skills centres will assist you.

By the time you finish these two steps, you should have received your TfL Private Hire Licence request form as well as the PHV Health Form.

Medical Declaration for Private Hire

The yellow medical form must be taken to your GP, who will charge you between £40 – £200 to evaluate your fitness and complete your medical declaration. This is also a need for obtaining your Private Hire Minicab permit in London. If you can’t get an appointment with your personal doctor or they’re too costly, you can always receive a free health report from them and take it to a private GP company like Minicab Medical, which charges only £80 for the same service. Once you have your topographical skills certificate, DBS CRB certificate, and healthcare declaration, you must make copies of your driving licence, passport, or ID cards and send them to Public transport in the parcel provided, along with your completed PHV/PCO Licence application form. They normally process your application within two weeks of receiving it, and you should have your Private Hire Licence within six to eight weeks on average.

What should I do since I have my Private Hire Licence?

You can start working as a private hire driver straight away if you hold your private hire licence. The quickest alternative is to select a minicab operator in London that supplies you with a car, insurance, and other benefits; most will let you sign up and start the next day.

You can also buy your own vehicle, but this requires you to go through the procedure of getting its licenced by Transport for London, getting your own hire and reward insurance, and then joining a minicab operator that permits you to use your own vehicle.

Whatever path you take, there is a lot of profit to be gained as a minicab driver. When you’re entirely assured, you could even work as an office or chauffeur driver. Getting a minicab licence in London might also be a fantastic backup plan for times when you are not working.

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