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Gatwick drop-off Charge Payment Method

Gatwick is supposed to charge for vehicles dropping off passengers at its terminals, comparable to the drop-off charge at Heathrow, just like the majority of London airports.

Airport transportation is constantly in high demand for ridesharing applications. Therefore, it’s essential for rideshare drivers to be aware of and pay any airport fees in order to avoid penalties.

What you need to know about the Gatwick drop-off charge is included below.

What is the Gatwick drop-off charge?

Any time a vehicle reaches Gatwick Airport to be dropped off, on both the North and South terminals, there is now a minimum £5 charge.

The North Terminal drop-off space is located on the lower level between the Sofitel and the multi-story parking structure.

North Terminal

The lower level is where the passengers can be dropped off at the South Terminal.

South Terminal

You’ll be charged extra if you remain longer than 10 minutes:

  • £5 for ten minutes
  • £1 for each extra minute up to 20 minutes
  • A maximum charge of £25 and a 30-minute stay limit.

The drop-off charge is in effect 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without exception.

The Gatwick drop-off fee payment method.

The Gatwick drop-off charge is paid by midnight on the day following your visit.

There are two methods of payment:

  • Postpay – pay after your visit by providing your licence plate number
  • Autopay – If you frequently visit the drop-off charge zone, you can establish a Gatwick autopay account for automatic payment.

Important: The drop-off fee cannot be paid at the airport’s ticket machines. To cover the absolute minimal charges you will incur for the trip, this cost is directly incorporated into the trip payment.

What happens if I don’t pay the drop-off fee at Gatwick?

If you don’t pay the fee by midnight on the day after the visit, you’ll be issued a £100 PCN (Parking Charge Notice).

TIP: The fine will be decreased to £60 if it is paid in whole within 14 days.

How can I avoid paying the fee?

You can drop off passengers in the long-stay parking lots at the airport to avoid paying the charge. Take a ticket at the border and follow the directions to these parking lots from your airport. All you need to do to leave is to scan your ticket at the exit.

TIP: It is cost-free to park here for up to two hours.

However, the distance between the parking lot and the terminal is fairly great. The journey takes around 20 minutes and is accessible by free shuttles from the long-stay parking lots to the airport. Many people won’t like this option, though, as it is far more inconvenient than being dropped off at the terminal.

Do I also have to pay the charge if I pick up passengers?

The process is slightly different for pick-up. Uber users who request a ride must meet you at one of the Express Pick-Up locations, which are situated in the parking structures for each airport (Car Park 6, Level 5, for the North Terminal, and Orange Car Park, Level 0, for the South Terminal). You cannot pick up passengers outside of this region.

IMPORTANT: If you wait for pickup outside the car park area, such as at terminals, you risk receiving a fee.

You must pay £5 to enter the Express Pick-up zones and can only stay for 30 minutes. This fee is included in the travel payment, just as the drop-off fee. You only need to ensure that you pay it.

Can I send a discount request?

Yes, in some situations. Residents of the RH6 0, RH6 9, and RH11 0 postcode areas may apply for a yearly membership fee of £50. Two free entrances are permitted each day, but only in the South Terminal drop-off area.

Blue Badge holders are also exempt from paying this fee. A Blue Badge holder who plans to use Uber must register the licence plate in advance to qualify for the exemption.

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