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Why hire the car from Arrow Car Hire?

Nowadays, everyone is looking for cost-cutting strategies to lower expenses and save more money to enjoy more in the future. PCO rentals allow you to not only save money but also make more! You can easily purchase your own PCO vehicle/rent a vehicle and begin working as a private driver, earning much more than a respectable full-time employment. Arrow Car Hire has gathered the best PCO vehicle hire in London with low rates and good quality.

What exactly is PCO Car Hire?

PCO means Public Carriage Office, which provides additional transport options such as private hiring cars. You can join these offices and work as a private driver, similar to an Uber driver, if you hire a PCO car. The crucial thing is that you have total control on your work schedule, and you may choose your work days and car based on your preferences. So a PCO vehicle hire is a company, such as Arrow Car Hire, provides to drivers to use car.

What do you mean by a PCO car?

A PCO vehicle is one that is ready to join any of the UK’s PHV providers. As you may be aware, joining ridesharing apps necessitates a reasonable 4-door car or minivan that complies with TFL [Transport for London] terms and requirements. As a result, a PCO is a vehicle on TFL’s list of authorized car types, and you can simply join ridesharing applications by renting a PCO car.

What is PHV/PCO License?

• PHV [Private hire vehicle] License

• PCO [Public Carriage Office] Licence

The PCO licence is the same as the driving competence licence issued by TFL, and the PHV licence is the licence issued to your PCO car. PCO vehicles, as previously indicated, are ready to join ridesharing applications, signifying that they already have a PHV licence.

Is there any difference between Car Hire and Rental Hire?

You, like many others, may believe that vehicle hire and car rental are 2 separate difficulties. This is a confusion because both terms have the same meaning in this sector. The only reason for using two phrases for the same concept is that different English-speaking countries use different terms. As a result, both vehicle hire and car rental are used to make things simple for everyone.

What is the cost of renting a car?

The first question that could arise after settling on a PCO vehicle is, “How much should I spend? The answer will cost a company, any type of car you want to hire. It is advised you to get a vehicle with higher model because they are easier to maintain and more attractive. Your passengers will tip you more if they travel in a nicer vehicle. It should be highlighted that the weekly earnings of a typical PCO driver exceed the rents.

How much money can I earn as a PCO driver in London?

It all depends on you and how much time you devote to working as a private hire. An estimate suggests that if you work 8 hours per day (with one day off per week) and earn a minimum of £15 per hour, you will make £720 each week. This is only the very minimum, and you can easily pay for the fuel charges and rental charge while saving a lot of money.

How can I get a PCO car in London?

All you have to do is get your licence, choose the company and the car you want, then register for by contacting the company over the phone or meet them in person.

Which vehicle is best for PCO car hiring in UK?

It is entirely up to you to select the automobile you desire and can afford, and because all of the vehicles provided by Arrow Car Hire are top PCO Car Hire in London, you are able to choose any of them.

Can I use my PCO vehicle for personal purposes?

When you hire an Uber car rental, you get access to it 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It makes no difference whether you spend all of your time working for ridesharing applications or driving for personal reasons.

Is it feasible for my spouse to drive the vehicle as well?

If your partner wants to use the vehicle for personal reasons, that is fine; however, if they wish to drive the automobile as a PCO driver, they must also register.

Is it necessary for me to work for Uber?

All of our vehicles and partner drivers are able to register on multiple ridesharing apps such Uber, Bolt,, Ola, FreeNow. We may refer to PCO vehicles as Uber car rental, but you are not required to work only for Uber. You can join any PHV operator you like, or even more than one rideshare service at the same time.

What is the Arrow Car Hire minimum hire period?

Our minimum hire period is only three months.

Is there a mileage restriction for rental plans?

Yes, we have a weekly mileage limit of 1000 miles, anything above that is charged at 20p per mile.

How long does it take for a vehicle to be delivered from Arrow Car Hire to the PCO auto manufacturer?

It is highly dependent on the vehicle you choose. If the vehicle you want is available in our office, you can pick it up and start driving the same day. However, sometimes ever more popular cars are taken, and you must wait a few days to obtain the car. Generally, when you register for the car, our operator will inform you whether the car is available to pick up today or not. Please contact on for any enquiries


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