PCO Training – Become a Minicab Driver in London – Topographical Test

Many people who live in and around London choose to make a living by driving. The earning level is high, and London’s busy 24/7 activeness ensures that there is enough work for minicab drivers all around clock.

As a result, it’s no surprise that being a minicab driver in London is a popular way to either start a full-time job or enhance one’s income by working part-time.

How to Be a Private Hire Minicab Driver in London

In London, there are two kinds of taxi/minicab services. The first is a black taxi licence, while the second is a Private Hire Minicab Licence. The distinction is that black cab drivers must complete their knowledge and memorise a region of London before they may be called and pick up clients from any place. The second sort, which is the most common and the one we will be addressing, is the Private Hire Minicab Licence, which allows you to work but needs you to collaborate with a licenced operator who might find your work.

To begin, anyone interested in becoming a private hire minicab driver in London must be at least 21 years old and have held a full UK or EEA driving licence for at least three years.

TfL is the licensing agency for the private hire vehicle licence, hence all new drivers must start by applying for their PHV (Private Hire Vehicle) Licence on their website – once registered, you can choose to have your Private Hire Licence application bundle mailed to you. The product should arrive within 10 working days.

While you are waiting for the application, you can do the following.

Topographical Skills Test for PCO Training

A Topographical Skills Assessment is required as part of the PCO/PHV Licence application procedure. Find a reputable topographical skills centre and then schedule a time and date for your PCO Training and Contour maps Skills Assessment. This is a basic obligatory test that measures your map-reading abilities, route planning ability, and a general understanding of London’s roads and counties.

Finish your upgraded DBS CRB Check.

You must be able to produce your updated DBS CRB certificate to verify your strong qualities. This is owing to the fact that you’ll be interacting with the general population as a taxi driver. These checks can be conducted at the post office or online. If you are having trouble completing this, most topographical skills centres will assist you.

By the time you finish these two steps, you should have received your TfL Private Hire Licence request form as well as the PHV Health Form.

Medical Declaration for Private Hire

The yellow medical form must be taken to your GP, who will charge you between £40 – £200 to evaluate your fitness and complete your medical declaration. This is also a need for obtaining your Private Hire Minicab permit in London. If you can’t get an appointment with your personal doctor or they’re too costly, you can always receive a free health report from them and take it to a private GP company like Minicab Medical, which charges only £80 for the same service. Once you have your topographical skills certificate, DBS CRB certificate, and healthcare declaration, you must make copies of your driving licence, passport, or ID cards and send them to Public transport in the parcel provided, along with your completed PHV/PCO Licence application form. They normally process your application within two weeks of receiving it, and you should have your Private Hire Licence within six to eight weeks on average.

What should I do since I have my Private Hire Licence?

You can start working as a private hire driver straight away if you hold your private hire licence. The quickest alternative is to select a minicab operator in London that supplies you with a car, insurance, and other benefits; most will let you sign up and start the next day.

You can also buy your own vehicle, but this requires you to go through the procedure of getting its licenced by Transport for London, getting your own hire and reward insurance, and then joining a minicab operator that permits you to use your own vehicle.

Whatever path you take, there is a lot of profit to be gained as a minicab driver. When you’re entirely assured, you could even work as an office or chauffeur driver. Getting a minicab licence in London might also be a fantastic backup plan for times when you are not working.

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The Benefits of Car Rental for PCO Drivers

The Public Carriage Office has highly severe regulations in the central city for cab drivers, courier businesses, and chauffeur-driven cars. Cab drivers are needed to have a PCO licence and drive a vehicle that fits their special standards in order to limit pollution in the city centre and ensure vehicles are in good condition.

Whether you are beginning your own private taxi company in the city or you already have a company and want to increase your fleet, you will discover that there are a lot of advantages to hiring a car for PCO drivers rather than purchasing a new vehicle entirely.

The main advantage of hiring a car for PCO drivers through this service is that you are assured to enjoy the ease of driving a new vehicle. The majority of the vehicles accessible to you will be five years old or younger. Of course, the advantage is that you have total comfort of mind that the vehicle will satisfy the severe Public Carriage Office regulations and that you’re still properly driving and transporting clients.

Another reason why many cab drivers are selecting the car hiring for PCO drivers is that it allows them to begin their own business or extend their fleet without paying significant costs. Buying a new car is an expensive procedure. You must then licence it with the Public Carriage Office, which can cost thousands of pounds. Hiring a vehicle removes this price, making it simpler to register your business or grow your fleet with convenience.

On the matter of budget, one of the major benefits of car rental for PCO drivers is that you pay for the vehicle in affordable monthly installments. The monthly payments will be within your budget, allowing you to pick up your car and begin enjoying the comfort of saving money over time. You’ll be able to easily afford the monthly rates now and in the future with a few pick-ups and transit about town.

You would not be responsible for the MOT of the vehicle because you are hiring the car, even if you have chosen a long-term rental solution. Most companies that provide vehicle hire for PCO drivers will also licence the vehicle with PCO, allowing you to drive away and make progress without the difficulties of registration, MOT, and tax.

You are assured to enjoy a vehicle that is dependable or a well brand in which you can put your trust. When selecting a vehicle, keep in mind the practicality and the number of passengers that can be carried at any given moment.

The vehicle protects the integrity of the car hire expert company and is not your vehicle, which is one downside of picking a car hire for PCO drivers. This can be transformed into a benefit in the long run. Whenever the vehicle reaches a specific generation, you can switch it out for a new vehicle, ensuring that you always drive the most recent models that satisfy all PCO standards today and in the future.

When renting a car, make sure you understand the terms of service, the return amount, and when payments are needed. Always choose a reliable vehicle rental specialist to work with both now and in the future.

Arrow Car Hire is a PCO specialist firm that specialises in providing clients with high-quality PCO vehicles in London. This organisation has wealth of industry experience in assisting clients in expanding their fleet or managing their private rental service. The company serves to chauffeur drive services, couriers, and private hire organisations by providing reliable long-term car rental options. To ensure that their vehicles meet the strict PCO criteria, Arrow Car Hire advised that they stock the most recent models, including hybrid versions.

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Do You Want To Be An Uber Driver? Why Do You Need To Use a PCO Rental Service?

If you live in a big city such as London, driving a PCO certified car can be a flexible and satisfying job option. Uber is quickly replacing traditional taxi companies in terms of affordability and client convenience, so now is a better time than ever to start your professional driving career with a company you can depend on.

Uber was founded in the United States in 2009 and has since gone on to become a massive worldwide success. In recent years, Uber has developed a one-of-a-kind ‘tap to ride’ service, accessible via a smartphone App.

Uber improves the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of public transportation for both drivers and riders. When a customer asks for a taxi, the company uses sophisticated mapping technology to locate you based on your proximity to the customer. Uber’s concept is to connect a driver to a customer in under five minutes, which means you’ll never be out of work.

Uber invoices the customer’s credit card at the end of their journey and then feeds the payment back to you via a new online service. So, if you’re a current taxi driver interested in working with Uber, you’ll be relieved to know there will be no more ticket price!

Working for Uber means you’ll be your own boss, able to work as little or as much as you want, whenever you want. And, with higher Uber prices during peak seasons, you’ll be compensated extra for working on weekends or public holidays.

Owning the correct vehicle is a major hurdle that frequently prevents experienced drivers from becoming Uber employees, as the initial investment for a car that is fit for public services can be expensive. Maybe you can’t get a PCO licence for your present vehicle. Maybe it’s a car you share with your partner or family that you can’t use when you need to get to work.

This is where an Uber PCO rental car service may be exactly what you need to begin your independent driving career.

A magnificent, fully PCO-registered and insured vehicle of the best quality and style will be provided by an Uber PCO rental service. Even better, each of these executive hire vehicles is available at a low monthly cost, with various financing choices to fit your needs.

It’s preferable to look for PCO rental services that are linked with Uber, as they often provide better deals and rates to Uber drivers. For example, the main Uber PCO rental firms are now offering rent-to-buy programs as an incentive to get more drivers on the road.

This means not only will you be able to rent an attractive, new vehicle from a credible source, making an Uber PCO rental service a smart investment. Moreover, the PCO license and insurance will be handled for you by industry professionals. So all you have to do is register and get on the road.

The majority of Uber PCO rental providers have a pretty straightforward application process and will usually respond within 24 hours. If you want to work for Uber and want to apply for an Uber PCO rental service, you can go online for the top companies in the area that offer the greatest deals and packages.

Arrow Car Hire is a significant provider of PCO vehicles in London and other UK locations. With years of experience, the company has gathered a substantial fleet of PCO-registered vehicles and a large client base. Arrow Car Hire, as industry pioneers, provides modern PCO vehicles for personal and commercial rental, providing unique transportation for chauffeurs, taxi drivers, couriers, and private hire organisations.

What is PCO Car Hire

You’ve probably heard of PCO hiring if you’re wanting to make money with Uber or other popular taxi applications. We will look at the benefits and drawbacks of the PCO cars. The Public Carriage Office (PCO) is a department of Transport for London (TFL).

If you have a driver’s licence, a 4-door car with a Euro 6 fuel usage protocol or a hybrid engine with a Euro 4 fuel consumption method, and no major aesthetic issues, you can join PCO’s service.

Most people believe that online drivers use their vehicles for Uber and other ridesharing appsWhile this is likely, many drivers use privately rented cars.

Uber in England

The restrictions in the United Kingdom for enabling people to work as online cab drivers are stricter than in other European countries. Cars used as Uber cabs, for example, must pass Euro 6 standard, the driver must have no criminal record, and the vehicle cannot be more than 10 years old.

Driver without a vehicle

Assume a person wants to join the Uber fleet but only has a very older carBecause one of the UK taxi drivers’ rules was broken, the person is banned from being a licenced cab driver in the UK. Or somebody with a driver’s licence but still no car wants to join Uber.

If you follow all of the rules, PCO car rental will give you with a vehicle. These cars are standard and adhere to all taxi protocols in the United Kingdom. The applicant must be at least 21 years old and have no criminal record. You can use the car that was given to you in this method and get a prize for each travel you take.

Keep in mind, however, that you must constantly take appropriate care of your vehicle. For example, you are responsible for all car costs such as petrol, oil, tyres, and any fines incurred as a result of an accident. You must return the borrowed car to the owner in the same condition that you received it!

Cars that are Uber-ready and PCO-approved

Now if you don’t have the money to buy a car but want to begin working for Uber, you need learn more about the types of vehicles that are permitted by Uber and TfL. Low-emission, clean, and spacious cars. We’ll take a look at some instances of these vehicles below.

Mercedes-Benz is a high-end executive vehicle.

The Mercedes E Class is a popular option for drivers who is seeking a more luxurious vehicle. There’s no doubt that its clean design can be observed from a long distance away. It means that passengers willing to pay more for their travels, but they also want to stay in these cars for an extended period of time. The Mercedes E Class is the greatest choice for an Uber because of its easy handling, vast space, and solid safety features.

Hyundai Ioniq-Hybrid; a family-friendly car

The Hyundai Ioniq-Hybrid Touring is a low-cost vehicle that London-Uber drivers are anxious to get their hands on. The car’s sight design and large interior attract to both drivers and passengers, and because it is a hybrid, it is inexpensive to operate. It’s also known for being extremely comfortable, thanks to its soft material seats, and for having a distinctive design. The Hyundai ionic is available on a rent-to-own basis. The Hyundai Ioniq is Uber-ready and PCO-approved.

How to Get a Job as a Chauffeur

In a variety of situations, a chauffeur driver may come into contact with many celebrities and well-known persons. As a result, while this job may appear to be incredibly appealing, there may be a lot of pressure on your shoulders to get the passenger to where they need to go on time, regardless of the situation. As a result, becoming a certified chauffeur is a challenging task.

Nobody can simply buy a car and start offering a chauffeur service. They must go through a series of stages before being awarded a PCO licence. In addition to these qualifications, the driver must have social and driving skills to make the passenger feel at ease. The following are the steps you must take to obtain your PCO licence.

Personal Information Checks – The first step is to obtain a driver’s licence for a private hire vehicle. The first prerequisite is that you be over the age of 21, but there is no upper age limit as long as you complete the other qualifications. You will also be submitted to a criminal record check by the Criminal Records Bureau prior to receiving your licence (CRB). Your driving licence, which you must have held for at least three years, will also be scrutinised.

Medical – You must pass a medical physical test known as Group 2 Standards in order to earn your licence. The standards are comparable to those used for drivers of heavy goods vehicles, buses, and coaches. You will be needed to prove your medical fitness by having your primary care physician perform a medical examination on you.

Route Planning – Like London taxi drivers, you will not need to pass ‘The Knowledge’ because you will have time to plan your routes before going, but you must be capable of reading a map and choose a suitable route. To demonstrate your skill, you may be required to pass a topographical exam in a specified place. Map interpretation, route planning (local), medium route selection, long distance route selection, and overall terrain are included in these topographical assessments.

It’s not over once you’ve obtained your PCO licence! You must then look for jobs by contacting PCO registered private hire operators. You must then either register your vehicle or use one at the operator’s vehicle fleet.

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