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Working in the Vicinity of Heathrow Airport Use the AVA parking lot

Heathrow Airport agreed on June 15th, 2016 to improve the lives of thousands of PCO drivers who pick up passengers by opening a private car park for exclusive usage.

The private vehicle parking, officially known as the Authorised Vehicle Area, is excellent for PCO drivers who are waiting for passengers or who need to rest before beginning a new shift.

Arrow Car Hire recently visited Heathrow’s new structure and was pleasantly surprised by how busy it was. It’s also a fantastic area to talk with other PCO drivers and share tips and information. On-site food and restrooms are also available.

Location: Northern Perimeter Road

Daily operating hours are 05:00 to 23:00.

Geo-fencing: You’ll need to be in this location to find passengers because Uber will geofence you in the car park.

Here are the Uber pickup locations at each terminal:

Terminal No. 2 Pickup location: Level 1 short-term parking, Row Q. The Uber app will send riders to the correct spot. They should wait, looking for a sheltered area.

Terminal 3 Pickup location: Level 3, Row A of the short-term parking structure. The app will send passengers to the correct location, where they should wait in the elevator lobby.

Terminal 4 Short-term vehicle parking Level 2 – Central Isle is the authorized pick-up location. The Uber app will notify riders to wait at the central entrance location.

Terminal 5 Pickup location: Level 1 – Rows A or F of the short-term parking lot. Riders will be directed to the lift lobby area for waiting.

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