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Uber Green Guide – Get more out of your electric vehicle

Uber Green is nowhere – a strategy for drivers of electric PCO vehicles to get ahead of the competition, and a significant step toward Uber’s goal of upgrading their London fleet to 100 % electric vehicles.

Context: Uber intends to be the world’s first ride-hailing firm to use only electric vehicles. The ride-hailing service intends to reach the ambitious target by 2040 globally, but they want to complete the changeover in London much earlier so that the British economy can serve as an inspiration for the rest of the globe.

We recently announced the Clean Air Plan, which supports this goal by decreasing EV pricing at electric vehicle partnerships such as Arrow Car Hire, making it much easier for rideshare drivers to transition to an electric vehicle.

Consider Uber Green to become the next phase, in which Uber compensates drivers who’ve already made the conversion by providing them with an edge over rivals who continue to drive cars with internal combustion engines.

What exactly is Uber Green?

Uber Green is a service inside the Uber customer app that allows customers to purchase a 100 % electric vehicle instead of a diesel, fuel, or hybrid car to help keep London’s air cleaner – at no extra cost.

What are the perks of Uber Green?

If you drive an electric vehicle for ridesharing, Uber Green provides you with a competitive edge. It provides passengers with a simple choice: to choose whether or not to contaminate London’s atmosphere on their next journey. They both pay the same price and have the same efficiency, so it’s not a difficult choice.

The benefits do not end there; for the entire year of 2021, they’ll decrease the service cost by 15% on every Uber Green journey, so you’ll not only receive more rides with Uber Green, but you’ll also earn extra.

Who may accept Uber Green rides?

To be eligible for Uber Green journeys, you should drive a completely electric vehicle.

Where can I get Uber Green?

Uber Green is now available in London for trips beginning in Zone 1. The journey’s destination might be anywhere, but it must begin here. When using the Uber app in Zone 1, riders may reserve Uber Green in the same manner, they would book an UberX.

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