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Top PCO Driver Advice

Every month, Arrow Car Hire with hundreds of PCO drivers. We have heard of every inquiry and query under the sun, so now we are giving back to PCO drivers everywhere by offering the best PCO driver advice.

Understand the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Every new PCO vehicle comes with an official handbook that includes advice for regular maintenance. The manufacturer cannot force you to do so, but we highly advise you to use it.

Among other things, the manual teaches you how to:

• Change the oil and how often to choose; and

• Ensure your fluids are the perfect colour and level.

Verifying When Your MOT And Services Are Due

PCO vehicles require MOT every 6 months and a service every 10,000 miles. Please verify your mileage so that when the time comes, Arrow Car Hire can bring you in and get your car serviced as quickly as possible, reducing any time off the road.

Your Tires Must Be Serviced

The technique for assessing damaged tyres is simple, and the tread pattern requirements. Around the entire circle, the central three-quarters of your tyre must have at least 1.6mm of traction. If you have less than 1.6mm, you are harming yourself, your passengers, and other road users, and your risk of large penalty.

Using a 10-cent coin is the quickest way to check your tyre’s ground clearance. The coin’s outer rim is around 1.6mm thick, so if you can see any rim, you’ll need a new tyre

Pay Attention to Your Vehicle

Your PCO vehicle is the device that keeps you moving and earning money. Know how to interpret the signals so you can better understand your vehicle and when it needs to be serviced. When braking, keep a lookout for particular noises that might show a problem with your brakes. On flat roads, would your steering wheel shake more than usual? This indicates that danger is on the way. Basically, if anything feels or sounds off, it probably is.

Practice Safe Driving Habits

Take care of your PCO vehicle. Don’t expect to get from zero to sixty in three seconds. Slow starts reduce engine strain while bringing down fuel consumption. Excessive braking will reduce your mileage and damage your automobile in the long term.

Maintain your car Clean Inside and out

Maintain a regular cleaning service for your vehicle. In the summer, your PCO car’s front and bottom will collect road debris such as hot asphalt, dirt, and bugs, and in the winter, ice. Your PCO vehicle will suffer physical damage. When it comes to the interior, keeping it clean will not only provide a more pleasant experience for you and your clients but will also increase its residual value when the time comes to sell it.

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