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Our 7-point strategy for driving like a seasoned chauffeur.

Do you want to enhance your driving abilities? Do you want to drive like a professional while remaining cool, calm, and collected?

Do you want to get away from the undesirable driving styles and learn how to impress your passengers?

1. Plan your route

You should plan your route before leaving for an unexpected location. Before you leave, you should have a good idea of where you’d like to travel. This includes parking spaces. And also the entrances to the pickup and drop-off places. Driving instructions are available on the websites of many hotels, restaurants, and airports. Street View on Google Maps is excellent for research. Even mentioning the colour of the client’s front door could be beneficial. Make a backup strategy in case of an accident.  According to a Telegraph survey, the most common reason for dangerous driving is being lost. According to the poll, distracted drivers are far from secure on the road.

2. Allow time for yourself

Our chauffeurs are almost never late. They allow them plenty of leisure before their pickups. By adding some extra time to the pickup time, you may prevent becoming anxious. By departing earlier, you allow for things like heavy traffic or unexpected road closures. Things happen. You should leave on time.

3. Defensive driving

While you have no influence over how other drivers drive, you do have power over how you react to them. You can predict possible dangers by looking ahead. Is that motorist conscious that his turn signal has started to flash? Are the vehicles in front of you too close together? Expect the unexpected and make plans to deal with it. Maintain your distance. The more distance you maintain around you, the less likely it is that you will collide. Maintain a 2-second buffer between yourself and the vehicle in front of you. In inclement weather, extend that to 4 seconds. Observe, anticipate, and plan. So, what do I see? What does it imply for me? What should I do to protect myself? There are several pictures in the surroundings that can assist us. Observing road traffic signs and markings is the most visible. The more signs and road markers there are, the greater the risk of an accident. While skid marks on the road indicate possible locations for caution. Similarly, a line of trees, hedges, buildings, street lights, and telegraph poles may all assist indicate the actually ahead. But keep in mind that telegraph poles occasionally pass through fields, so don’t follow them!

4. Drive carefully.

Driving irresponsibly is hazardous to both the environment and the passengers. Reckless driving wastes fuel and causes more wear – and – tear on the vehicle. Passengers do not have a steering wheel to grip and are more sensitive to g-forces than the driver. So, how can you maintain a smooth driving style? Anticipating the road ahead will make your drive more enjoyable. If there is a backlog ahead, you might begin relaxing off the accelerator earlier, decreasing both the amount of braking and the amount of fuel used.

5. Keep patience

We’re all human and make mistakes. As a result, do not punish other road users for their mistakes. So, what can safe, professional drivers do to compensate for the faults of others? Take a deep breath and continue. While you have no influence over how other motorists drive, you do have power over how you react to them. It is not appropriate to become angry behind the wheel. Learn to get over everything. Although it may be tempting to respond, doing so is immoral for a chauffeur. Staying alert, or being in the present moment, can help you drive more safely. If you start early enough, you may even perform a little meditation before you leave. For a few minutes, just breathe deeply. This will assist you in relaxing your thoughts and maintaining your composure before you begin driving.

6. Analyze your car

Check that you have sufficient fuel. Except for longer journeys, it is not allowed to stop for fuel while a passenger is on board. Understand how to adjust the vehicle’s climate. How to adjust the seats and lower the armrests. Know how to use the in-car entertainment system. The more competent you are, the more pleasant your passengers will be. It also keeps you safe. As would keeping the car well maintained and repaired. Check all hydration balance, tyre pressure and tread depth, and that all lighting and indications are proper and functional.

7. Follow the Highway Code

Follow the traffic rules. Responsible drivers do not speed. They also don’t text or talk on their phones while driving. Safe drivers adhere to the Traffic Rules. The most experienced chauffeurs do not stray from the regulations. Being a responsible road user involves adhering to the regulations. They make everyone safer.

We hope you enjoyed our guide to driving like a chauffeur.  You might want to look into what is the greatest chauffeur vehicle.

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