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The most essential COVID-19 resources for self-driving vehicles

The global drive to stop the spread of the new coronavirus has compelled businesses and people alike to rethink their operations and of course adjust to the lockdown. This hasn’t been easy for any of us, but it is shown how adaptive we can be when we are pushed outside of our comfort zones.

Supporting one another has taken on a whole new sense in recent weeks, and you don’t have to be working on the front lines as a health professional or to be confined to notice a change in the environment. Since the initial days of the lockdown, life as an on-demand driver hasn’t been the sameā€”not just on the streets, but also online.

Rideshare applications, auto companies, influencers, and even the government are all working hard to keep mobility employees active, educated, and, most importantly, healthy. As the situation worsens, it’s becoming more difficult to keep up with the news flow, therefore we’ve compiled a list of the most significant sites in one location.

Here are some of the most crucial things you should be aware of as an on-demand driver. Please bookmark this page and return on a frequent basis as we will be updating the materials as they become available.

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