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How can I turn off my EV charging?

Three points to keep in mind when charging your electric vehicle

Thousands of on-demand drivers are making the change to clean technology as the electric vehicle revolution expands. This involves charging your car’s battery at one of London’s growing numbers of charges instead of filling up the tank.

When it comes to charging an electric car, the procedure is rather simple. When the vehicle is connected to a charging point, the charging cable automatically locks at both the charging connection on the vehicle and the charging station’s socket. When your vehicle has finished charging, the charging wire will be released from both sockets. However, you’re charging cable may occasionally become trapped in the sockets, keeping you stranded at the charging point. Even if you disconnect the charging session by using the app, the charging wire would not be released!

We’ve created a list of suggestions to assist you to unlock a trapped charging wire.

1. Contact the charging supplier of the charging station where your vehicle is parked.

With an increasing number of charging stations showing up around London, it’s essential to understand which company owns a particular charging station.

The charging provider’s contact information must be published on the charging station or in the application.

Once you’re on the call, they will ask you to verify the charging station because each one has a unique identity.

They will be able to easily reset the charging station after they have verified it, releasing your charging wire and allowing you to continue your journey.

2. Start the vehicle and lock and unlock it several times.

Turning on the car while it’s stuck is another method for releasing the charging cable in some electric vehicles.

It is safe to switch on your EV while charging because the engine is disconnected for safety purposes, so you won’t mistakenly start driving.

After you’ve started the car, simply lock and unlock the doors many times. After each effort, check to see if your charging cable has been released. It may take up to five attempts, so don’t give up if it doesn’t appear to work the first time.

+1 Remember to bring your car keys with you.

This may seem apparent, but with most EVs having smart keys, it is quite easy to lock yourself out while your car is charging.

If an electric car is attached to a charging station, it will automatically lock over a certain period of time.

If you get yourself out, you’ll need a spare key or to contact your repair service provider to get your car unlocked.

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