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Everything you need to know about Uber’s support in 2022

Many businesses, including Uber, have been disrupted by the pandemic and the lockdowns that have occurred from it. They reduced several of the previously accessible support lines and terminated not just the Uber Ignition Centre in London, but also the Ignition programed completely. The Uber Greenlight Hub is the last remaining office in London.

This means that acquiring sign-up or continuous support as an Uber driver is now significantly more difficult, and the process of obtaining your PCO licence now rests entirely on the driver’s shoulders.

Here’s all you need to know about Uber in 2022.

As a general rule, Uber is now conducting the majority of contact through the Uber Driver app. If you wish to become an Uber driver or need help as a registered driver, the app is your primary tool for signing up and communicating.

If you want to work with Uber in London

Install the Uber Driver app.

This is where the majority of the sign-up process takes place. Create a new account by entering your name, email address, phone number, and London as the city you wish to drive in on the registration form.

You can also create a new account on the Uber website, but the app is required for the remainder of the sign-up procedure.

2. Upload required documents

The next step is to submit all of the appropriate documents for both you and your vehicle, based on whether you hold a PCO licence or a normal drivers’ licence. The application explains exactly what documents you’ll need and how to properly upload them.

3. Participate in an online Uber information session.

You’ll learn about driving requirements, fares, and earnings, as well as safety and community regulations. The session lasts around one hour.

Before finishing the online information session, you must have a PCO licence.

5. Make an appointment for in training session at the Uber Greenlight Center in London

Following completion of the short online training, you must arrange and attend an in-person induction session at the Uber Greenlight Hub in London. This is the step at which Uber approves your account, verifies your documentation, and photographs your driver. Once Uber has checked and confirmed everything, you’ll be able to hit the road and start making money.

If you already work as an Uber driver in London,

If you need assistance with something, here’s how you can obtain it from Uber:

Through the Uber Driver app

This is the simplest and quickest way to contact Uber directly.

Contact Support is accessible from the app’s Help section from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

• An in-person meeting at the Uber Greenlight Hub

You can arrange an appointment through the app’s Help section for certain difficulties only.

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