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As a PCO driver, you transport passengers comfortably to their destinations while earning money. You regularly drive, and you are also conscious of the significance of being prepared for the unexpected. When we hand you the keys, our effort at Arrow Car Hire doesn’t finish; it just starts. The Arrow Car Hire Team has put together a new safety guide to share with you the best defensive driving advice in order to help you stay safe on the roads.

What exactly is defensive driving?

Driving defensively requires paying attention to other drivers’ activities on the road, predicting their movements, and taking precautionary actions to minimize your chance of getting into an accident.

The benefits of defensive driving

What benefits does defensive driving deal? Simply said, defensive driving enhances your ability to utilize a PCO. Maintaining complete control of your car is important, but so is being aware of your surroundings. Your potential of becoming comfortable while driving increases with your level of experience. Therefore, we believe that sharing the following defensive driving advice with you will help you drive more safely.

Top driving safety advice

  • Maintain a constant speed while driving – Although it might seem simple, always drive at a speed and pace acceptable for the terrain on your route. It may be attractive to drive more quickly so that you can complete one task and begin another, but the reality is that driving more quickly makes it harder to control your vehicle. Driving slowly makes it easier to maintain predictability.
  • Consistently check your mirrors; don’t simply concentrate on the car in front of you. Look deeper in front of you or around you for any potential dangers. Remember to keep a close eye on your surroundings if there are construction or slow-moving vehicles. Before changing lanes or dropping off passengers, pay extra attention to your car’s blind zones.
  • Remain attentive and alert — Driving is a complex task that needs your whole focus. Focusing on the road and your driving is necessary. Avoid becoming distracted by devices like your phone or sat-nav. Never disregard the risks of using a phone while driving. Avoid road rage incidents and be on the alert for bad drivers.
  • Keep a 3-second space between vehicles — As you are surely aware, speed limits can quickly drop from 60 mph to as low as 20 mph. Even if a driver is moving too slowly, never tailgate them. Maintain a safe separation between your cars directly ahead of it. Always give yourself at least three seconds waiting period so you can respond to unexpected circumstances and improve your private hire experience.
  • Signal early and clearly – Unless you are apparent and anticipated, no one will know what you are going to do next. Use turn signals, headlights, or brake lights properly to interact with other drivers. Avoid parking your car in another car’s blind spot.
  • Eat well and get adequate rest – Avoid driving if you’re feeling fatigued or sleepy. Keep yourself hydrated and take frequent breaks. If necessary, stop for a coffee and food to get some extra energy. If you don’t get enough sleep, you might find yourself anxious and frustrated.
  • Adapt your driving style to the weather – You should slow down when it’s rainy or slippery since braking distances are larger. Make sure you turn on your hazard lights when vision is low due to fog and turn them off when visibility improves.

We at Arrow Car Hire have a special system for assessing drivers that enables drivers to invest in their future with their PCO car.

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