What Happens If I Have a Non-Fault Accident With a Rental Car?

If you have a rental vehicle, you are presumably travelling for work or pleasure. You want to avoid dealing with an automobile accident in any case. Unfortunately, accidents do occasionally occur in rented vehicles. Here is what to plan for if you were in an accident.

You might be concerned about paying for rental-car damages after an accident. That will often be based on the kind of insurance you have. You must ascertain who was at responsibility for the collision.

What Are My Coverage Options If I Get in an Accident in a Rental Car?

When you rent a car, you are liable for any damage or loss to the vehicle. Even if someone else causes the harm, you are individually liable during the rental period. Any insurance you may have, nevertheless, can aid in covering the costs of the damage.

The insurance choices you have when renting a car are shown below.

Your Personal Auto Insurance

Your Personal Auto Insurance

You must often have insurance to borrow a vehicle. If you already have car insurance, you can utilise it. Most personal plans provide coverage equivalent to that of a rental company.

Consult with your car insurance company before renting a vehicle. Ensure that it covers incidents with rental cars. If not, it may be wise to acquire more insurance through the rental agency.

The Insurance Provided By The Rental Car Company

When you reserved your rental, the rental car provider likely included supplementary insurance. Despite being optional, the policy may offer additional protection in the event of an accident.

Here are the four insurance options that the majority of vehicle rental companies provide.

1. Loss Damage Waiver (LDW)

If your car is stolen or damaged, LDW will cover you. The rental cars provider will pay for any repairs or replacements. LDW often does not pay for damage caused by careless driving or an unlicensed motorist.

2. Personal Accident Insurance

Injuries sustained by the driver or passengers in an accident are covered by personal accident insurance.

3. Supplemental Liability Coverage

If another driver was at fault for your collision, the rental company’s liability insurance would cover your medical expenses and any property damage. This insurance might serve as a complement to your current motor policy.

4. Personal Effects Coverage

The insurance covers any damaged or lost personal belongings you have in the rental automobile. You can usually receive this coverage through your renters or homeowners’ insurance.

Rental Insurance with Credit Cards

Credit cards frequently provide rental insurance for vehicles. You might get this coverage if you pay for your rental car using a credit card. Any damage to the rental car while you are driving it can be covered by the credit card company.

However, credit card insurance rarely provides liability coverage. Make sure you have this coverage through your own or your rental car insurance.

Who Is Liable for My Rental Car Accident Damages?

If you cause an accident while driving your rental vehicle, you are legally liable. If you have insurance, your provider must pay for the losses. This is why it’s crucial to be informed of your available coverage options.

Rental insurance supposed to pay for the accident losses unless you broke the terms of your rental agreement. However, a lack of coverage in one location could leave you liable. Your vehicle insurance should pay the expenses if you don’t have insurance for a rental car.

When Someone Else Is at Fault

Your collision would have been avoided if another driver hadn’t been involved. Your rental company will negotiate with the other driver’s insurer. However, you may be charged by the rental company before the issue is settled.

If the rental company charges you, you must file a claim with the driver’s motor insurance for reimbursement. What the rental agency cost you should be refunded by the insurance company.

Naturally, insurance firms don’t always fight fairly. The insurer might attempt to limit its exposure. A rental car accident attorney should be consulted as soon as possible.

What If You Were Injured in an Accident?

Unfortunately, the damage to a rental car is sometimes just one aspect of your post-accident problems. In addition to damage to the rented car, you may sustain personal injury. If you were injured in an accident while driving a rented car, you may be able to seek financial compensation from the party who caused the accident.

Both you and the rental company may file claims against the person who caused the collision if it was their fault. Injury claims sometimes substantially exceed the cost of repairing or replacing a damaged car.

You may also be able to seek compensation for your injuries through personal insurance or insurance acquired from the rental company.

You could even be able to sue the rental company in certain circumstances. The rental firm could be held accountable for poor vehicle maintenance if the crash was caused by any flaws in the car you hired.

A Car Accident Lawyer Can Assist

A vehicle accident lawyer can assist in protecting you and making sure the best result is obtained regardless of the circumstance. An expert solicitor can assist you in ensuring that you are not exploited by the rental agency or any insurance company involved. If you were hurt, your lawyer can assist you in obtaining the compensation you require.

The majority of vehicle accident lawyers operate on a contingency fee basis, which means they only get paid if you obtain compensation. With this payment schedule, you can be sure that your attorney will use every effort to obtain the maximum settlement amount for you.

Any necessary restrictions can be reached with the help of your auto accident attorney. They will conduct an exhaustive investigation into your accident to establish the responsibility of any culpable parties and fortify your case.

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